Governance and Board Effectiveness

We have a broad experience with governance in nonprofits, First Nations and farm organizations. It is not rare that an organization can’t seem to move forward despite the Board having good ideas and plans. We live by a common phrase to describe board governance: eyes in and fingers out! The role of the Board, simply put, is to represent the interests of the membership, create an overarching vision for the organization, develop and implement high-level policy, approve budgets and monitor policy and budget compliance.

This is limiting, but it also allows Board members to assist the senior manager of the organization to carry out her duties while providing over-arching direction. Once governance policies are in place, everyone should know their role and be able to get on with the business of making the organization great!

We try to bring an outside lense to the governance discussion. Fresh thinking can potentially provide the foundation from which your Board and senior management can maximize performance while becoming more effective managers.

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